Tips About Birth Control Pills and Acne

Some doctors prescribe birth control pills for acne treatment! They are being prescribed for more than preventing pregnancy. Oral contraceptives don’t cure all women that suffer from acne. They don’t have a positive effect all times. Women need to continue their acne treatment regime for positive results. Birth control pills are prescribed to women that haven’t had positive results with other normal acne ways.Pills containing a progestin drospirenone synthetic hormone. This hormone form have been marketed to women by promoting helping benefits with PMDD ( premenstrual dysphoric disorder ) and reducing pimples. Women suffer from acne more than men because of the connection between hormonal changes and outbreaks. Contraceptive reduce acne but they have several serious side effects. There are more than 1000 lawsuits were bought against Yaz markers. Yaz is one of the most popular birth control pills’ products, which reduce acne. In 11/09 FDA recalled 33000 Yaz pills because of its manufactured method.Acne developed when the dead cells and sebum block pores. Sebum lubricates the skin as it is an oily substance. Bacteria may build up an inflammation area by plugging the pores. It is called blemish. Yaz acne treatment reduces the sebum amount that produced by the skin so it is eliminating acne. Note that: sebum itself doesn’t cause acne.Yaz pills can take several weeks before you see its benefits. FDA acne treatment contraceptives have many side effects such as: hyperkalemia ( high potassium level ), high blood pressure, blood clots, increased risks of heart disease, depression, vomiting, nausea, menstrual flow changes and severe headaches.

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